The Team

Meet the people behind Bidhaa Sasa.

David Disch

Co-founder and Director

David manages day-to-day operational activities in our two branches in Western Kenya, including staff development and supervision, stock and logistics management, and generally ensures that things are going smoothly. He lived in rural Kenya for 2 years setting up the Webuye office and learning as much as he can from our clients, which he still considers his most important job. (Why they make certain decisions in favour or against our products or services and bring these learnings into the company’s decisions).

He’s also a part-time driver and cook for the rest of the team, as well as generally a rather Unreasonable Fellow.

David spent four years at GVEP (now Energy4Impact) implementing programmes funded by the World Bank, the Swedish government, and USAID to improve energy access in Kenya and Rwanda. He set up their Rwanda country office, recruiting and managing a growing team of dedicated local staff to work closely with government ministries to support local energy enterprises – from solar phone charging entrepreneurs to international hydropower projects.

When he’s not at work you’ll find him on top of the nearest mountain: he was brought up in the Alps – he simply can’t resist them.

Rocío Pérez Ochoa

Co-founder and Director

Rocío is responsible for managing the holding company in the UK, which has been set up to facilitate investments coming in, and supporting David in Kenya. She manages our financial matters, including our accounts, fund-raising and our back-end client data analysis. She ensures we’re not running out of cash and analyses everything from client data, repayment patterns, sales processes to our P&L or burn rate with nuclear precision (She’s got a PhD in particle physics!).

Rocío most recently set up and ran the financial arm of BBOXX, a manufacturer and distributor of solar systems, which has subsidiaries in the UK, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Prior to working with BBOXX, she consulted with other green start-ups in emerging markets.

She is also an angel investor with interests in companies involved in solar energy, biomass energy, sustainable forestry, mini-hydro projects, and social bonds. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she worked for the UK Government as climate change policy adviser and spent almost a decade working in the City of London in hedge funds (and now making up for it).

Part-time she’s managing her other start-up that includes the near impossible task of aligning interests of husband, kids and cat.

Lucy Mureithi

Talent Acquisition and Development Officer

Lucy makes sure that we get the best talent on-board and can populate this team page with more amazing bios! She’s in charge of recruitment and selection to grow our rural field teams, which are expanding at a fast pace.

For her, at least as important as recruiting the right people is the development of a positive work environment through relationship building, fostering open communication and supporting employees in their various roles, ensuring staff engagement and development in an ever-changing start-up environment.

Her previous work experiences include setting up HR structures for Adept Technologies and looking after 60 employees. Lucy’s managed the recruitment process in addition to developing and evaluating training programs, performance management processes, and managing all other HR needs. She’s also worked in various sectors like FMCG and Hospitality.

She’s got a Bachelor of Commerce from Strathmore University and a Higher Diploma in Human Resources.

She is a self-declared introvert who enjoys hip-hop/rap music as well as indulging in greasy foods and chocolate cakes. (Hey, why do they never reach the office?). She manages to moderate the latter by walking a lot and swimming.

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